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We hope:
Creating the most
effective communication
BRCWSports is a PR & communication agency with extensive communication resources, strong communication systems and rich communication experience. “Creating the most effective communication” is our biggest pursue.Creativity, execution, and insight are the three pillars of achieving the company's career goals.BRCWSports has provided PR & communication services for customers in sports goods, automobiles, aviation, home, events, fast-moving and other industries. We have rich experience in IMC and PR filed, and has also been highly recognized by our clients.Providing clients with the most timely, effective, intelligent, stable and valuable communication services is the professional goal that BRCW Sports always adheres to.

We believes that the relationship between our clients is not only a service relationship between Party A and Party B, but also a relationship of partners and friends.

We will never forget our initial intentions, facing the market from the client’s point of view, and are determined to create the most effective communication.
We insist:
Interpreting the soul of brands by bringing the value of sports
Since the beginning of the year, BRCW Sports has always insisted on the core values below:

Standing for marketing

Market Segmentation:
We are good at mining hidden target consumers and clustering them, turning scattered customers into groups, establishing close ties with them, and adjusting ourselves according totheirfeedback.
Breaking the tiered market:
We can break the grading system of the regional market and create the most appropriate marketing scenarios.
The minor force winning energetically:
Oneofour biggest trumpsisto achieve greatwhilespendinglittle. Wecanalwaysplaying the effect of spreading beyond the budget.
Using sports tocheerupourpartners:
We firmly believe and continue to use this practice to bring the positive energy of sports marketing to every partner.

Brand communication

BRCW interprets the soul of the brand throughthevalueofsports. Because through sports, it can make the brand full of vitality and sexier; also because of sports, the brand canbe more stimulating and exciting.
We insist:
Interpreting the soul
of brands by bringing the value of sports



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