PyeongChang Olympic Noodle House, Reflection of the “CHINESE NATIONAL BRAND”

During the Spring Festival of the 18th Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the athletes and related workers in the foreign land will definitely miss the taste of my hometown. 

So we use this as a starting point to set up the "Pingchang Noodle Restaurant" to provideFree Chinese food service for Chinese delegations, media reporters and volunteers.

Through the Chinese media, the Winter Olympics celebrations, hometown food programs, etc., the core concept of product "safety and accompagnement" is conveyed.

"Gathering in China for the Chinese Dream," 

Master Kong Pyeongchang Noodle House is the warmest little home during the Winter Olympics.

Communication effect

Image of Chinese national firm and style of major industries :

receiving a number of well-known athletes, members of the media and delegations, and a good reputation in the Chinese sports circle;

Diverse interpretation of the eating-food scene of Master Kong instant noodle:

from the different angles of the media, athletes, etc., let the public feel the warmth of eating noodles in winter sports.

According to a sample survey conducted in the later stage of the Winter Olympics, during the Winter Olympics, more than 90% of the Chinese around the Olympics had an understanding of the Master Kong Noodle Restaurant; more than 60% experienced the noodle restaurant service. 

The series of communication of Master Kong's Pyeongchang noodle restaurant has effectively filled the gap in sports marketing during the Spring Festival. The spread of the Winter Olympics' full-cycle competition has attracted the attention of many media and audiences. The endorsement of personal experience products by celebrities such as many sports industry, media industry, well-known athletes and CCTV famous mouths demonstrates and confirms the “safe, healthy and delicious” product core that the company hopes to deliver.



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