Marathon marketing for Mater Kong

In response to the inherent concept of unhealthy and insecure of instant noodles in consumers’ minds,
BRCW Sports has find a perfect opportunity and scene to eat instant noodles:
 Running is in a super-high-consumption exercise for human body, 
so runners all need a simple, fast and carbohydrate-rich supplement as for breakfast and after running.
Therefore, instant noodles can naturally become the best choice for many runners to reserve energy before the game and recover after the game.

So we has launched a large-scale marathon marketing campaign from this insight,
while establishing the concept that instant noodles is a convenient source of carbohydrates, which provides healthy energy. 

Communication effect

Through these marathon events, BRCW Sports has achieved a triple effect:
Changing people's awareness of instant noodle nutrition and improving the wrong image of Master Kong's instant noodles;
Creating a new demand space, while using the huge running crowd to drive directly to sale;
Allowing the brand to connect with people's healthy and happy life, and improving the brand image.



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