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Founded in 2007, Beijing BoRuiChuangWei Sports Development Co., Ltd, is made up of a group of young people who love sports. Passion and creativity are the basic attitudes since the company was founded. The company has been striving to innovate and contribute to the promotion and dissemination of sports with the believes of every challenger on the arena.

In the era of sports marketing 3.0, BRCW has come all the way while focuses on effectiveness and marketing
The choice and trust of
customers creates
our future
We have served different customers from sports goods, FMCG, automotive, Internet and other industries. We have providedPR services for CBA, NBA, China Open Tournament, China Cycling Tournament, MasterCard Basketball Center, etc.; wehavealsoprovided PR and BRAND CONSULTING servicesfor many well-known companies such as ANTA Sports, Jordan Sports, Spalding China, and Master Kong.

BRCW Sports was ranked as TOP 2of the most effective independent agencies of the Effie Award Greater China Effectivenessranking 2017;And TOP10ofthe world's most effective independent agencies(Asia-Pacific area)of the Effie Award in 2018.

As the Chinese sports market gradually matures, our business is also expanding. In the future, we will focus on the production of independent sports events and independent sports content, give full play to the characteristics of the Internet and new media, and form an independent sports event business segment.



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